Sarova Stanley in Nairobi is an out of this world travel destination

Travel bug aside – we continue to be amazed at the incredible beauty and luxury that exists around our African continent and continuing to explore it will certainly be on our travel list for the next few years.

We recently visited the picturesque Sarova Whitesands in Kenya, which is located just North of Mombasa, and Sarova Hotels continue to astound us with their luxury and fine attention to detail that every hotel and resort is well known for.

The Sarova Stanley hotel is one of the few five star rated hotels located in the bustling Kenyan capital of Nairobi, and dates back to 1902 – would you believe! At the time it was the first luxury hotel in Nairobi and many famous people have slept in, and visited this hotel over the years, including the likes of Ernest Hemmingway, Winston Churchill, Clark Gable, Sean Connery, Frank Sinatra and Michael Caine. Princess Elizabeth also visited the hotel in 1952 as part of her world tour.

The hotel is in fact named ‘Stanley’ after the famous explorer Henry Morton Stanley who was very formative in the history of Nairobi and we were enchanted to learn that there is a suite named after Karen Blixen, the author of the movie ‘Out of Africa’ who also regularly patronized The Stanley.

In fact the very first home of the Nairobi Stock Exchange was in the hotel bar, would you believe, and the bar is now named The Exchange Bar for that reason. There are a number of other quaint stories to be discovered in and around the hotel, chat to any of the staff to learn a bit more – nothing like a history lesson while you are visiting.

Today the hotel stands proudly on the corner of Kenyatta Avenue and Kimathi Street, and poses as an impressive front as it did back in the day, still playing host to some of the worlds most prominent leaders, authors and international celebrities.

We love that the hotel has retained much of its historical charm while at the same time offering all the luxuries and amenities of a five-star hotel, thinking you were an African explorer amidst the beautifully preserved wooden panelling and incredible décor items would be totally forgiven.

The Stanley offers guests a variety of accommodation options to suite all budgets – from the beautiful themed suites that boast queen size four poster beds, through to their Club and Deluxe Rooms, no attention to detail is spared.

All rooms have either an outdoor or atrium view, air-conditioning, black-out curtains and sound-proofing – important for light sleepers such as ourselves, satellite TV, Wi-Fi and all your standard room amenities that make your stay that much more special.

Dining is always a delight for us and The Stanley has many options to select from. The legendary Thorn Tree Café – reputed to be Nairobi’s first post office, is an open air bistro style dining experience and the laid back atmosphere at the Pool Deck Restaurant is a great way to round off the day, cocktail in hand.

The well known Thai Chi restaurant is reputed to be the finest in Thai cuisine within the region, and incredible dishes continue to amaze guests daily – their set menu’s are unparalleled and the delicious aroma’s wafting out of the kitchen would set any hungry travellers tummy rumbling.

The Exchange Bar is an elegantly decadent, plush lounge bar and is a great option for a business meeting or a night cap after dinner.

The Stanley offers a small on site gym for those who miss their daily workouts while travelling and if you are looking to host a business meeting or get together, they also offer nine fully equipped conference and meeting rooms, and combined can accommodate up to 800 guests.

Of course sight seeing is also important when visiting a new city or country and the team at the concierge desk will advise what is good to see, and someone to drive you as well, should you require (we always suggest having a local guide to take you around – it makes negotiations and finding your way that much easier.)

This beautiful hotel is most certainly a gem of Nairobi, and a stay here would most certainly provide not only an educational experience, and a luxurious base – but also a number of rather beautiful Instagram posts!

Find out more about Sarova The Stanley on their website right here…

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