The holiday season can take a toll on your skin. From the tanning and swimming, to the non-stop eating and late-night partying, our skins can do a little freaking out!

And since we’ve all spent time and money getting our skin summer ready, we think it’s just as important to care for your skin during the holiday period too.

Hayley Kirton, Senior Skincare Therapist from Lightsculpt Clinic in Rosebank lists some tips on how to keep your skin looking it’s best during the holiday season:

Keep your skin clean and moisturised:

Never use soap on your face. Invest in a gentle pH balanced cleanser. Before going to bed, always cleanse your skin and remove all traces of make up, oil and sun block. During the hot summer months make sure to use a very hydrating, oil free moisturiser. For convenience you can use a moisturiser with an SPF during the day and a richer, renewal cream in the evening.

What I recommend:

• IS Clinical- Warming Honey Cleanser

• Biomedical Emporium- Facial Cleanser

• Lamelle – Nourish Daily Cleanser

How To Look After Your Skin During The Holidays
Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and with hydrating serums

Vitamin C:

Try as much as possible to add Vitamin C to your daily routine, either in a serum, added to your moisturizer or a skin spritzer. Also up your Vitamin C supplementation. Vitamin C/Ascorbic acid is an important antioxidant, UV protector and helps to stimulate collagen.

What I recommend:

• Dr Shrammek- Mela White Active C Serum

• IS Clinical – Super Serum

Stay hydrated:

Drink lots of water. People are known to drink more alcohol during the holidays than any time of the year. Waking up the next day dehydrated can not only affect your body, but your skin as well.

What I recommend:

• Biomedical Emporium – Vitamin & Mineral Spritz/Collagen Serum/Skin Repair Serum

• Lamelle- Corrective HA Serum

BB cream:

Rather opt for a BB cream as opposed to Foundation. Let your skin breathe during the holidays.

What I recommend:

• Dr Shrammek- BB cream

• Heliocare Gel Colour cream with SPF

How To Look After Your Skin During The Holidays
Use as much SPF on your skin as possible to prevent pigmentation

Sun protection:

Ensure you use a proper medicated SPF or one with the CANSA stamp on. Make sure to re-apply every 3 hours at least.

What I recommend:

• Heliocare Advanced SPF

• Biomedical Emporium- Translucent day SPF 30

• IS Clinical- Extreme Protect SPF 30

Most importantly though, enjoy and relax. Allow your body, mind and skin to rejuvenate this holiday and festive season.

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