Located just outside of Ladysmith you’ll find Nambiti Hills, a gorgeous game lodge in the Nambiti Game Reserve…


Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge is a luxury 5-star facility hosted in the heart of the Nambiti Game Reserve, conveniently situated just outside of Ladysmith – a mere 4 and a half hour drive from Johannesburg.

Designed as a sophisticated haven of relaxation to those who appreciate natural beauty and luxury accommodation, it is perfect for those who love escapes to romantic settings and anyone who needs to be truly pampered.

You’ll gain a sense of complete calm and tranquillity as soon as you set foot at the lodge. The air is crisp and clear, the only noise you’ll hear is that of the wind blowing, a bird chirping or the sound of food being prepared in our kitchen. There’s a warm, home-like feeling to the lodge, all the while undeniable attention to detail is given to creating a pristine environment catered to providing complete relaxation to guests.

Whether you are seeking a vantage point to view the broad Nambiti plains, a quiet corner to read a book or an indulgent spa treatment to relax and revive, Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge is a perfect combination of all of these elements.

Step out onto the terrace and enjoy an evening drink by the re, or at the fully stocked bar. The pool deck provides perfect relief from a hot African summer’s day while the restaurant is the ideal setting for a cocktail or delicious meal.

There are eight luxury suites and one honeymoon suite available, each with a private viewing deck and contemporary interior design. All the suites are fully equipped with the necessary luxuries to ensure you have a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Visit their website www.nambitihills.com for more information.

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