Every woman tries her best to look after her skin, but just in case, here are a few skincare secrets every woman should know that will help you achieve oh-so perfect skin.

Stop touching your face!

You spend a fortune on your skincare and make-up products, but then constantly touch your face with oil- or dirt-ridden hands – talk about being counter-productive! Each time you touch your face during the day, you’re transferring whatever is on your hands onto your face, clogging your pores (not to mention wiping off your make-up!). And yes, we know you wash your hands regularly, but sadly, those germs they’re seldom germ-free.

Don’t forget to moisturise!

The biggest mistake people – especially those with oily skin – make is skipping out on the moisturiser. Dry skin comes with a world of its own problems, and oily skin will only get oilier if it lacks moisture. This is the secret to keeping your skin looking youthful for as long as possible, so don’t ever skip this step.

Moisturise your skin every day


Make friends with a humidifier…

… especially if you live in a place where the air is particularly dry (ahem, Joburg!). Put one in your bedroom and sleep with it on, and say goodbye to dull, dry skin virtually overnight.

Get yourself a silk pillowcase.

Not only are silk or satin pillowcases incredibly pretty and comfortable to sleep on, they’re also great for your skin. You won’t wake up with those dreaded sleep creases on your face, they also help prevent the onset wrinkles and are great for skin’s general appearance.

Treat yourself to regular facials.

We all love a good pamper sesh, but going for a facial shouldn’t purely be done for its pampering merits; it is actually a must – especially for those with even slightly problematic skin. In fact, you shouldn’t view it much differently than you would a visit to the dentist, physio or dermatologist. It also has a great de-stress benefit – and we all know that stress is a skin’s worst nightmare.

Make sure you have regular facials

Double up!

This isn’t exactly a new concept, but double cleansing is definitely the way to go. Your first cleanse removes make-up and the dirt, sweat and grime for the day, while the second one actually cleans your face, getting right into your pores. Some brands have pre-cleanses or similar products available as a first step, while others just promote washing your face with your face wash twice. Either way, always opt for the double cleanse and don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your face after your moisturiser.

Embrace make-up free days.

When possible, give your skin a break from make-up – and we mean from all make-up. Nothing. Your skin will thank you in the long run, so try and do it as often as you can.


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