Planning to entertain or host a few guests over a dinner soon? Try win them over with this delicious cocktail made from Malfy Gin Originale.

Cape Town based premium spirits company Truman & Orange brings you Malfy Gin Originale in SA with a view to offering a wider choice to all the gin lovers. The company is planning to extend the range with exciting new Malfy Gin variants for all kinds of indulgent occasions to help gin drinkers enjoy more #malfymoments.

The Italian Gin is distilled using a recipe that pays homage to the originators of gin – Italian Monks – who first distilled Juniper spirits at their monasteries along the Amalfi Coast as far back as 1050.

With a classic flavour profile and the essential Italian character, Malfy Gin Originale is made using local Italian botanicals blended with pure glacial water from Monviso Mountain – the highest altitude spring water source in Italy.

It is a crisp, clean, classic gin with an Italian twist.

How to Make A Malfy Gimlet Cocktail:


50 ml Malfy Gin

25 ml lime juice

20 ml sugar syrup

Shake, serve up and garnish with a lime ringlet.


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