Who doesn’t love finishing off an outfit with a bling ring, statement necklace or delicate earrings? Make that feeling even more enjoyable by supporting incredibly talented designers right here on our doorstep.

These are just a few of our favourite home-grown jewellery brands that will make you more than happy to go local!

Every single piece in the Pichulik range is a piece of art, so be prepared to receive compliment after compliment when wearing anything of theirs! Each item is individually handcrafted in Cape Town using locally manufactured rope and materials, so you don’t get more home-grown than this. Pichulik is an all-female team, and aims to empower and celebrate all that is woman.

Bespoke pieces, unique ideas and fine jewellery is what you can expect from the brainchild of Karin Rae Matthee. Whether is a custom engagement ring you’re after (just causally leave this screen open on your computer, your significant other is bound to get the hint!) or a little just-because spoil, Dear Rae offers something for gorgeous every taste.

Be the woman who sets trends with a stunning piece from Henriette Botha, who is all about fearless sophistication. Each item is 100% handmade in Johannesburg, and enlists the service of local artisans to create jewellery that is indigenous, community driven and has an element of tribal beauty.

Make the ultimate statement with the eclectic beauty that is any piece from Kirsten Goss. From beautiful diamond or gem rings, to bold necklaces and cuffs to incredibly pretty – and often really large! – earrings, you are experiencing true art and magnificence with this jewellery.

Precious gems, beautiful raw materials and a bit of an edge is what you can expect from this quirky local brand. At Black Betty, imperfections are not just celebrated, they are looked for, as this is what makes each piece unique and utterly you. They believe that since the precious stones and metals come from the earth and are simply crafted into something special and unique, each piece is a true reflection of the crafter and the owner and will be utterly timeless.

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