Every woman knows you’re bound to find a lipstick at the bottom of their handbag, but sometimes the colour isn’t right for your skin tone.

With that in mind, we’re going to give you the golden rules to help you select the perfect lipstick colour that will suit your skin tone every time.

  1. Know your skin tone!

In order to know your skin tone, you actually need to identify your undertone, and this can either be cool or warm. Cool undertones are when you have a pink, red or blue hue to your skin and your veins look blue (have a look at the veins in your wrists). These skin types generally initially go red when tanning, and are complimented by silver jewellery. Warm undertones occur in people who have a more yellow, golden or olive hue to their skin and the veins appear more green. These people generally tan really easily and suit gold jewellery.

(Side note: if you felt that both these descriptions described you – you aren’t confused! You’re lucky and have a neutral skin tone, which means you can get away with pretty much any colour!).

  1. Know which colours suit your undertone

Cool undertones should stick to cooler shades; colours which have blue or purple undertones themselves. For example, your shade of red shouldn’t be orange or coral, but rather a more deep-blue tone. You should also be careful of colours that are too light as they could simply wash you out.

Warm undertones would then go for warm shades, ones that are very red or orange, for example. Think of the more fiery hues, as they will work for you. You could also get away with lighter colours, provided they have the right undertone.

  1. When it doubt, wear it with confidence

If you’ve got a colour that you absolutely love but aren’t sure whether its technically right for your skin tone, throw away the rule book and rock it! As long as it makes you feel fabulous, you’ll look fabulous! Just keep in mind that people with fair skin tend to shine more with a bold, deep colour, while those with more olive skin tend to look amazing with a nude or bright colour.


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