We are thick in the middle of winter, and yet another cold front hit us last night, and to be honest all we can think about here at Sandton Magazine is keeping warm and cozy, but  even though one may be ‘blomming’ on the couch in a blanket – that is absolutely no excuse to not be doing it in style. Just saying.

Well known retail store @home has us google eyed about their 2018 Autumn/Winter Collection. This year, the range carries the key theme of ‘Cosy Comforts’ and is inspired by South Africans’ ability to bring their own unique sense of warmth into any Winter.

“All our ranges are very considered and considerate of people’s personal style preferences – it truly is about sourcing and offering products that can create spaces that make people feel ‘at home’ in their own homes,” says Mélanie Bekker, Marketing Manager of @home.

“Autumn/Winter 2018 is no different. The range is on-trend with global looks, but we’ve primarily taken our cue from South Africans’ sense of flair in how they celebrate their cosy comforts, while the range offers opportunity to bespoke the season’s trends into very personalised tastes and styles.”

To complement the Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection, this year also sees the introduction of @home’s Imagine More Furniture Guide. The magazine-styled glossy furniture catalogue is not only aimed at showcasing the latest @home collections, but also at inspiring and assisting readers of the guide on how to style, decorate and furnish their homes in a variety of styles, including a section on small spaces!

“We are fascinated by who our customers are and how they live. This past year we noticed a particularly strong trend from shoppers asking us to show them curated spaces, and requesting practical guidance from us on how to put different looks together,” says Chris Swart, Head of @home. “The result is our Imagine More Furniture Guide which is all about showing our customers how they can curate their home so it becomes a true reflection of them – so they can imagine more and create spaces where they feel comfortable, inspired and relaxed.”

You can even shop online or via your phone, and door-to-door deliveries include a professional team to assist with assembling items. Find out more here…


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