Nambitha Ben-Mazwi, commonly known as Lady Nam is a local and international actress as well as an MC, Radio and TV presenter who has risen to fame both internationally and locally and not only summited fame, but also starting and running her own business.

A lady of many talents – we were lucky to catch up with Lady Nam…

Tell us about your trip to New York that launched your career?

I grew up and found myself in New York City. I found my voice, my core value and survival strength. When they say if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere—is true to every element. The city is tough. No BS attitude, you have to keep up or you will get swallowed and crash.

Being at The Stand Comedy Club was exciting, I was surrounded by Comedy greats who themselves shared their stories of journey and growth with me. It was there when I realised that you truly can be whatever you want, and that one can build a career in The Arts. My confidence and self-assurance was further entrenched there, and I carry the lessons of vulnerability that comics have to bare in order to reach and connect with their audience.

What is your fave dance style?

Sucker for hip hop

You have an Honours in Business Science – how do you feel that has assisted you with your career – which is ultimately your ‘business’ if you will?

It’s helped a great deal because I treat myself as a business first, then an artist second. I draft strategies for myself, I put a lot of thought into strategic planning when it comes to my value proposition as an artist as timing and keeping your finger on the pulse of our industry is crucial. I set up projections and targets for myself and I always maintain in diversifying my portfolio.

To me, fame and popularity isn’t important, but building a sustainable career and investing in properties is. I want to leave a legacy behind.

Tell us about your Digital Marketing company – and where on earth do you find the time to manage that as well?

It’s been tough as I started my media company focusing on video productions and marketing for brands at a time when it wasn’t a trend locally and since its picked up now, I took a back seat with my company when I shot Broken Vows for a year.

I’ve become smarter now and have found a solid team through a joint venture so I don’t have to neglect the business due to my acting endeavours. If any business or brand needs any video productions and digital marketing needs, feel free to contact me.

You have received a number of awards and accolades, which one has had the most meaning to you, and why?

When I was nominated for Glamour Woman of the Year and the YOU spec favourite actress award both in 2016. Those were validating accolades for me that came at a surprise.

I had just moved to Johannesburg and after a few months of entering the local industry here, I was so well received with the above recognitions. It was comforting to know I was at the right place at the right time.

If you could walk out of this interview and go and do one thing (anything, anywhere in the world) what would it be?

Go back to Lisbon, Portugal—I have unfinished business there.

A book that’s next on your reading list, and why?

I put a spell on you: The autobiography of Nina Simone. Anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with Nina. I am literally preparing to play her one day in a movie remake of her life, so I am constantly researching her and feeding my intrigue and fascination, so when the time comes to execute her character, I am one with her being.

Favourite South African food of all time?

My mom’s dumplings and lamb stew—it’s honestly God’s gift to earth

Lady Nam’s Fast Facts

• Lady Nam’s shoe size is a 6
• She has 2 siblings
• Her secret talent is singing
• Her celeb idol is her uncle, the Tony Award winning veteran, Winston Ntshona.
• Lady Nam’s fave sneaky cheat food is Thai…

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