If you are looking to create a bit of a mood or lighting difference to your home or work space – then do make sure to check out Streamlight’s brand new multi-branded collection, ironically called ‘Dark’.

Dark introduces a warm and friendly glow of elegance, modernism or artistic creation into your workplace or living space.

Streamlight have specialised in the art of illumination over the last 2 decades, and also provide expert guidance for you to achieve your dream aesthetic. They also specialise in lighting layout designs and supplies exclusive, quality lighting for corporate, residential and hospitality spaces.

The team behind industry favourite, Streamlight, have just launched their world-class showroom in the heart of the Design District in the trendy area of Kramerville. A new, sophisticated playground where lighting brands and designers from all over the world showcase their work.

In the heart of the Streamlight showroom, you can look forward to a fresh, urban and original – Dark. Dark is the newest in design and lifestyle, and this multi-labelled, eclectic brand takes you all over the world with brands like Pig & Hen, Leff Amsterdam, Craft Cartel, Simon & Mary and exclusive artwork by Regardt Van Der Meulen.

Says Brad Kalish, product designer at Streamlight: “Dark gives South African creatives a space where they can showcase the latest in African and international street trends. We took our collective knowledge of European trends and created a more cost-effective lighting range that is just as impressive as any Italian or Spanish design collection. We then integrated both international and local street brands to create the lifestyle concept store.”

A: 17 Kramer Rd, Kramerville, Sandton, 2090

W: www.streamlight.co.za


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