Stellenbosch wine estate Tokara, has just released their very first 10-year old Potstill Brandy which honours the age-old Cognac tradition, and uses a Chenin blanc base wine, which is double distilled retaining only the heart fraction for ageing in Limousin oak barrels for a minimum of 10 years.

Tokara are ranked among the World’s 50 Most Admired Wine Brands by UK-based Drinks International, and have previously released a much acclaimed 5-year old brandy in 2004 and have been working on their Director’s Reserve 10 Year Old Potstill Brandy since then.

Says Karl Lambour, Tokara’s general manager, “At Tokara we use a Pruhlo Alambic potstill which is considered to be one of the world’s finest setups for producing quality spirits. Being a small operation and having such incredible equipment at our disposal allows us to keep small batches of fine spirits separate. These unique batches are then skilfully selected to make a rich and distinctive blend.”

During this extended maturation time in Limousin oak barrels, the brandy loses liquid volume to evaporation, generally referred to by the distiller as the ‘The angels’ share’.

“As a result of this slow, prolonged barrel ageing, the aromas and flavours are more concentrated, making the brandy more unctuous and complex with greater depth of character,” explains Lambour.

Subtle complex notes of fresh vanilla, dried fig, peach and raisins meld with aromas of floral pot-pourri and whiffs of rich jasmine and orange blossom. The palate delivers mellow rounded flavours of caramel, dried apricots and a spicy pepper and saffron finish.

“This brandy is one of distinctive character with a fine length and depth of aftertaste. It is bottled at an alcohol level of 38% for maximum enjoyment,” Lambour adds.

The 10 Year old Potstill Brandy comes in an elegant Eden decanter with beautifully refined lines and a smooth roundness that appeals to all the senses. It’s the ultimate gift for brandy aficionados or epicureans in search of new distinctive tastes.

The brandy is available at the cellar and select bottle stores for R650. Find out more online…

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