It’s that time of year again, and most of us (okay, well we do) tend to clear out and tidy up our homes around the end of the year, getting rid of unwanted items, and also doing a bit of home decorating too.

So when we caught up with @home’s trend specialist and product developer, Louise Vorster to find out more about what they have on offer, and what the international décor trend’s and looks are – we were delighted to see that the fresh green and natural trend is staying with us in to next year – as well as all our fave shimmery metallic items too.

Mirroring the leading homeware retailer’s passion for all things functional and innovative @home’s philosophy is foundational to this year’s Christmas catalogue…

Says Louise “@home offers inspiring on-trend products across a range of categories, and with the festive season in close sight, our Christmas offering sparks excitement, especially around interiors and the Christmas table. The holiday season introduces a range that has a contemporary edge. We’re confident it will be admired and cherished by homemakers across South Africa and abroad.”

Their Christmas offering makes buying decisions effortless, also making it easier to emerge yourself in the moment of gifting, which is a special experience that is often overlooked during the Christmas rush.

With the Christmas catalogue’s Traditional, Luxe, Contemporary and Alfresco décor themes, your favourite time of year will be magically and harmoniously complemented with tasteful elements.

Louise’s Top 3 festive season décor picks…

Classic Christmas with a twist

– @home has chosen excellent quality decorations that have a classic, timeless spirit, with a modern edge.
– Textured whites, neutrals, and a hint of green are used for wellbeing, while layered with gold and silver festivities for a touch of grandeur.
– There is also a touch of deco, clear glass, metallic textures and refined ornamentation.

Natural Luxe look

– Imagine textured fabrics, artisan ceramics, forged mixed metals, minerals and wood with a lot of soul. Including refined glassware and contemporary crystal. That’s what to expect from the Natural Luxe look, a style direction which reflects @home’s principles of investment buying and longevity.
– Natural materials evoke a sense of calm and wellbeing, but contemporary design and curated minimalism adds sophistication, simplicity, functionality, and a sense of quality to the look.

The Alfresco look

– Natural materials, botanicals and clear glass, raw linen, artisan ceramics and textured glassware are to be found in this collection. Ideal for South Africa’s sunny climate and an Alfresco lifestyle for festive entertaining.
– The collection combines luxe grand dining with a casual outdoor edge – the perfect way to celebrate the South African holiday season.
– Colours and materials have an earthen luxe feel and the textured table is celebrated.

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