One of South Africa’s favourite and super easy drinking wines, Durbanville Hills, have just launched their premium collection of wines, the Collectors Reserve – which is totally inspired by the energy and stunning scenery of Cape Town. What’s not to love?

This new range is created from only the best grapes from Cape Town’s best vineyards, and like it’s name, has been designed as a collector’s item for both wine and art lovers alike. This is something unlike anything you have ever seen, or tasted, before.

“To complement each of the wines in the range, Durbanville Hills commissioned local artist, Theo Paul Vorster, to pair each wine with a prominent landmark in Cape Town, most of which are visible from the winery.” says cellar master Martin Moore.

“Vorster is known for creating unique pieces of art using hand-coloured linocuts, ultimately transporting viewers into an energised, playful dimension. To cement the brand’s ethos of connecting the city’s vibrant culture to the wine lands, we handpicked seven of the city’s key attractions and asked Theo to impart his vision of them onto each bottle. With each landmark comes a distinctive story which can be found on the back of the respective bottles” he adds.

An example of one such story is the Merlot, which Moore says is linked to the cheery red and white candy-striped lighthouse in Green Point with its foghorn. Known as ‘Moaning Minnie’ the old lighthouse is legendary for guiding ships along the misty Cape coast.

The Durbanville Hills winemaking team is proud of the new range especially as it went on to fetch multiple awards* at the recent Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition (considered one of the most prestigious events in the wine industry at an international level).

The range consists of The Cape Mist Sauvignon Blanc, The Cape Garden Chenin Blanc, The Cableway Chardonnay, The Lighthouse Merlot, The Promenade Pinotage, The Castle of Good Hope Cabernet Sauvignon and The High Noon Shiraz.

Initially, four varietals in the range (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinotage) will be available at select retail stores with the other three (Chenin Blanc, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon) available to purchase at Durbanville Hills or via the Vinoteque.

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