The popular local decor house has introduced a new ceramic collection that will give your home an added touch of flair. 

@home is delighted to introduce a rich collection of Pret-a-pot hand-crafted ceramics inspired by nature into stores nationwide, and available online.

Designed and styled exclusively for @home, the aim of the collection was to develop designs and products that are timeless and beautifully crafted, with an essence and simplicity that evokes nostalgia and the rawness of the African landscape.

Made in South Africa from three different types of locally sourced clay, the ranges evolve with the seasons, bringing new colour and shape. Inspiration is drawn from nature, combining craft, colour and functionality.

Pret-a-pot has been making functional and beautiful ceramics since 1985. All the Pret-a-pot staff are trained in-house and each piece will pass through at least six peoples’ hands before being ready for the kiln. Every artisan adds their own personal touch to the product.

The heat of the kiln is the key in the creation of each piece and dictates the nuances of each colour. It is true alchemy, through fire. From salt pots to planters that are 1 metre high the results from the kiln, the collective Pret-a-pot effort, brings a unique alternate to mass produced ceramic design to @home.

For more information visit the @home website


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