A unique beauty lift – without a needle

We recently visited Grace Skin and Wellness located in Parkmore to find out more about a revolutionary treatment that we had heard about that Grace is currently offering – we love discovering new things too!

The LCN Plasma treatment is changing the face (excuse the pun) of the lift. Why? Its non invasive, so no surgery and offers an effective alternative to skin tightening surgeries that guarantees immediate results.

LCN have pioneered a movement in the beauty space, with the spearheaded German researchers, and this revolutionary brand focuses on beauty excellence and empowering woman to become the best versions of themselves the beneficial way.

Treatment takes roughly 45 minutes and downtime is minimal. This high-tech Anti-Aging miracle weapon, officially known as Plasma Treatment basically generates plasma flashes that penetrate into the skin – without direct contact to the skin.

The plasma flash generates a tiny vaporisation point that contracts and tightens the skin and is minimally painful. There is a slight smell from the treatment, but is nothing terrible and the results are enough to encourage anyone to go for the Plasma Treatment.

The process stimulates the skin to promote new skin cell regeneration and recovery after the treatment is usually up to 3-4 days, so doing the treatment on a Thursday with a Friday spent working from home, will see you back to work looking great on Monday morning.

After the treatment a small crust will form part of the healing process that will automatically fall away within a few days, however the final end result of the treatment may take up to 3 months.

• Treatment areas include:

o Upper & Lower eyelids.
o Wrinkles around the mouth and lips.
o Branching wrinkles at the outer corner of the eyes.
o Wrinkles around the ear.
o Neck- Lift.
o Frown lines on the forehead.
o Vertical glabella lines.
o Acne scars.
o Stretch marks.

• Advantages of the Plasma Treatment:

o Affordable.
o No surgery.
o Minor downtime.
o Highly effective.
o Long lasting effect.

LCN also offer a complimentary needling treatment to support the Plasma treatment, that intensifies that results. The micro-needling treatment promotes collagen and elastin production, to tighten the skin even further.

Beauty might bring happiness, but happiness does bring beauty. Why not beautify yourself with the innovative LCN plasma treatment – the difference is incredible!

A: Grace Skin and Wellness, 116 11th Avenue, Parkmore, Johannesburg

T: 011 883 2760

FB: https://www.facebook.com/GraceSkinParkmore/

    1. The results are instant – but it does depend on the area you are having treated as well as how affected the are is. May we suggest contacting the salon directly, they will be able to advise you better than we can. Their details are at the bottom of the article.

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