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Uncategorized / 28.02.2019

Michelle D is a 34 year old TV Personality, Model, “Boss Babe” as she likes to call herself, and all-round coffee lover! This dynamic lady, is set to shine as she tackles her latest career challenge – reality TV. She is also a successful businesswoman and runs her own company, Macaroon Collection - and if you thought that maybe she looked familiar, you will have seen her on the first ever South African season of The Bachelor which is currently on air mon MNet! Michelle also has a passion for education...

Uncategorized / 21.02.2019

Rudy Paige is a South African rugby union player for the Free State XV in the Rugby Challenge. He has played for the Lions, The Bulls and The Cheetah's and usually plays in the position of scrum-half. He was born and raised in Heidelberg, Western Cape, and later moved to Gauteng where he attended Bastion High School and later went on to study at the University of Johannesburg - we caught up with Rudy to find out more.. Rudy, have you played rugby all your life? Take us through that,...