Sandton Magazine | DJ SOX: Five Life Lessons I Learnt From Being A DJ
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DJ SOX: Five Life Lessons I Learnt From Being A DJ

Cape Town resident Disk Jockey, DJ Sox chats to us about his top five life lessons he learnt from being a DJ.

If there’s one thing we love, it’s music, which is why we caught up with the mother city’s favourite DJ, whose real name is Socrates Georgiades, to discuss what it’s like owning the stage at events and functions and the many sacrifices that come with being a DJ:

Back Yourself & Know your Worth

You have to create a brand for yourself that sets you a part from the rest, and always know the worth of your brand. If a gig underpays you or doesn’t value what you bring to the table, don’t be afraid to say no, or decline the opportunity, especially when you are established. Too many promoters tell you you will get “exposure”, but exposure doesn’t pay the rent and you don’t want the reputation of being a cheap or free DJ/entertainer.

DJ SOX: Five Life Lessons I Learnt From Being A DJ

Cape Town-based DJ Sox chats to us about life as a DJ

Always be prepared for the worst-case scenario

When you’re a DJ, you get used to parties going awry. Sound problems are a given. You need to learn how to handle these situations. Of course, there are other club disasters, too. There are nights when even heavy promotion can’t bring in a crowd, and nights when there are so many people that the venue cant handle the crowds. Club life is erratic, but so is regular life. Always perform as if it is a busy night, as the people that are at the venue deserve your best.

Never rely on past success

You always have to be on top of your game. I’m very proud to have been a part of some successful nights in Cape Town, but those credits don’t always guarantee future gigs. It is also very important to build good, credible relationships with the club managers. There are always new DJ’s on the scene, so it is important to stay relevant and in tune with current trends.

DJ SOX: Five Life Lessons I Learnt From Being A DJ

Sox is the resident DJ at Cape Town’s popular Cafe Caprice in Camps Bay

The compliments are as bad as the criticism

You won’t always please everyone. Then, theres also those people who compliment you, but may not be sincere. They want to be your friend because you have a guest list. They’re the ones who will take the free drink and not leave a tip for the bartender. Learn to always be humble and treat people with respect that you would expect for yourself.

Appreciate the success and the off time

DJ’ing comes with a very erratic schedule, late nights and interrupted sleep patterns. Appreciate the time you have off, and spend it with family or doing what you enjoy. For me it is about spending time with my family and taking in all the moments of my newborn son. No career is guaranteed so make the most out of every opportunity and always give it 100%.

DJ SOX: Five Life Lessons I Learnt From Being A DJ

On his off days, Sox spends his time with his family and newborn son

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