Sandton Magazine | In The City With… Roxy Burger
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In The City With… Roxy Burger

We caught up with the gorgeous TV presenter, celeb blogger and brand new mum to find out more about where she loves to hang out in our beautiful city.

Favourite Restaurant…

I’m a sucker for GREAT sushi and dim sum, so my go to would have to be Koi in Sandton. When I was pregnant I craved a lot of salty and spicy foods, so soy sauce and wasabi were everything to me then, I could have drunken the soy sauce straight from the bottle.

Favourite coffee spot…

I recently had cake and coffee at Gabriella’s Tea Room in Parktown North (formerly the Pudding Shop) and it was decadent. Their food is delicious and there cakes are phenomenal too. I highly recommend their carrot and pineapple cake.

Favourite Hotel…

I would have to say the Saxon Hotel in Sandhurst. Their spa is incredible too. The atmosphere is fantatsic and their therapists are world class. The surroundings are just breath taking and you really feel like you are out of Joburg.

Favourite nightcub or bar…

I’m far to old to go clubbing, but I’d say The Good Luck Bar on Fox Street in town is great for a bit of a vibe. Especially their 80’s and 90’s parties. Too much fun. They also have fantastic DJ’s and live acts. We also enjoy going to the Living Room in Maboneng Precinct for sundowners on Sundays. It has a fantastic atmosphere!

Favourite breakfast spot…

Pablo Eggscobar in Melville, by far! The best eggs ever. I find they have very unique dishes and their breakfasts are always different – not the usual eggs on toast! Plus, they serve champagne and who doesn’t love a glass of champagne with breakfast?

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