Sandton Magazine | Jarred Doyle Lists His Favourite Spots in Joburg
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Sandton Magazine Jarred Doyle Lists His Favourite Spots in Joburg

Jarred Doyle Lists His Favourite Spots in Joburg

He’s a successful entrepreneur, having launched his own Public Relations and Brand Management company, Jarred Doyle Consulting a few years ago, and has become Joburg’s socialite to know.
So, naturally we wanted to find out exactly what he likes to do and where he likes to go in the city. Here he lists his favourite spots in Joburg:
Favourite Places To Shop
Hyde Park for shoes and Sandton City for clothes. Although, I love finding a few small things in and around Rosebank. I love Ben Sherman and Paul Smith though.
Favourite Restaurant
For different things: Tashas for a business meeting. Rocco Mammas for a Friday Night in (I order salad). I also love Big Mouth, Kream, DW Eleven-13 and Trumps for good meat.
Favourite Hotel
The Capital Empire in Sandton is the best place in Jozi. The pool, staff and food are all great there. The Saxon for a massage and champagne lunch is also super luxe.
Top Cultural Attraction
My absolute favourite place is still Munro Drive in Upper Houghton. I remember finding out that Whitney Houston had passed away and my friends and I drove up to the top of the road and sang all her songs.
Earliest Sandton Memory
My dad used to take my sister and I to Baglios on the Square all the time. We loved Sandton Square and would sit for hours watching all the different people come and go and walk by. Unfortunately Baglios closed but that is the best memory I have of Sandton. I was drinking cappuccinos at three years old.
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