Sandton Magazine | Meet Taryn Palacios from The Bra Guru
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Meet Taryn Palacios from The Bra Guru

There is nothing more important in life than good shoes and good underwear (we heard that somewhere and it stuck) and your foundation garments certainly do deserve only the best attention – why? Because they shape your body for the clothes that go over them, and if fitted correctly, can make any outfit you wear fit you like a glove and the result – you look a million bucks!

We recently headed over to The Bra Guru to not only have a fitting, but also to find out more about what happens at this upmarket boutique, and why every lady should visit here.

Taryn Palacios is the owner of The Bra Guru and is beautifully put together, she showed us around the light and airy premises, beautifully decorated in calming greens and shared a bit about who she wound up fitting and advising a multitude of ladies in all different shapes ands sizes about their underwear.

‘I didn’t chose this, it chose me’, Taryn laughs. She initially studied drama and went in to the events industry, and to help make ends meet between her auditions she helped out in her mom’s friends bra fitting studio doing admin and reception work. Following the birth of her kids she found herself back at the bra studio, but this time due to one of the staff being ill she had to help out in the fitting room and giggles at how nervous she was the first few times.

But after a short while she really started to enjoy it. ‘Once you start getting to know the styles and the different body shapes, you get to know almost instinctively what to suggest, and I really enjoyed meeting the ladies and watching the transformations that took place in that fitting room’, Taryn enthuses.

‘It’s honestly seeing people at their happiest, the joy on their faces when the bra fits perfectly, and listening to their stories, some of them are post surgery too. The feeling that you have made a great change in their lives makes me happy’ she adds.

A few years later the opportunity to own her own bra studio presented itslf and voila – The Bra Guru was born.

Talk about an instant makeover by the way – our intrepid journo discovered to her surprise that after almost 25 years of wearing a 36B bra and thinking she was just fat and needed to go on diet because of the bulges and bumps or even that she may need surgery to lift her breasts, discovered that she was in fact a 38E (yes an E!) and the new bras have given her a confidence and feeling of being beautiful again. Explains a lot about the sagging and drooping too, not to mentioned the lumps and bumps…

‘It’s like an instant makeover, if you will – and this really enriches me, I feel like I am making such a difference’ Taryn smiles.

Taryn wanted the experience to be just that, an experience. Most ladies run in to a generic store and grab 5 bra’s off the rack (in the wrong size) pay thousands of Rands and that’s it. We learnt that having just two or three of the correct bras are all you really need and that proper care of the bras (not just chucking them in the washing machine) will see them lasting longer – even up to two years if treated correctly. Larger breasts do put strain on bras, so their life span may be slightly shorter.

The Bra Guru stock imported bras in a variety of sizes and if they don’t have your size, they will get it for you. They are also exclusive stockists for Polish brand Corin and distribute around SA too.

Swimsuits, sports bras and post operative bra’s are also available – the post operatives come from Ireland are made from bamboo, allowing the body to breathe and heal better following surgery – they are also front fastening and expandable, so if you have either had a mastectomy or an augmentation, these are the bras for you!

Phone The Bra Guru on the number below to book your 30 minute consult, or you can even pop in of you are in the area and Taryn will assist you.

We found our experience to not only be highly personalised and comfortable. Taryn made us feel right at ease and not shy to share about what our issues were. A highly recommended visit, and now we are even wearing our correct bras and looking 100 times better than before too!

Did You Know?

  • You should wash your bra by hand every day.
  • Use lukewarm water, and some mild detergent, rinse lightly, pat dry and hang out to dry,
  • Bra’s should never be ironed or machine washed.
  • Your bra can take up to 3 weeks to wear in correctly after you buy it!
  • You should start on the last set of hooks and work your way in on the hooks as the fabric stretches over the year that you are wearing the bra.

A: Shop 1, Valley Centre, 396 Jan Smuts Avenue, Sandton

T: 011 886 0871


  • Amogelang
    Posted at 16:36h, 06 May Reply

    I have a problem of finding a perfect fit bra size. I thought i was 34c i bought its big 32c its small and 36c its too much i dnt know which kind of bra can i use. Where are you based

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