Mirari Gin create ‘St Barths’ cocktail for summer

We love Mirari Gin and this artisanal distillery nestled in the heart of Johannesburg’s trendy Maboneng precinct, have been creating cool beverages since 2013 at their Time Anchor Distillery.

The unique and fragrant Mirari Gin Range, created by Chief Distiller Shanna-Rae Wilby has three variants, each with their own unique signature.

Shanna-Rae is one of the significant women who are changing the narrative that this is a man’s industry and we like that. She heads up a distillery that has progressed from a 100-litre holding capacity to 100 000 litres since its founding – no mean feat at all.

Their creative Amber African Botanical Gin bears the mark of 13 botanicals that includes multiple botanicals that are indigenous to South Africa, including, Honeybush, Rose Geranium, Sour Figs and Boekenhout Honey.

Each 500l litre batch of their Pink Damask Rose Gin, on the other hand, is distilled with over 1000 damask roses, chamomile, grapefruit, cubeb berries, green cardamom, and subsequently infused with rose water.

The Blue Orient Gin counterpart represents a traditional spiced gin, bearing the flavours of Cardamom, Grapefruit, Grains of Paradise, Ginger and Cassia Bark. Naturally coloured through the subtle infusion of blue pea flowers, the gin magically transforms from blue to pink when tonic is added.

Mirari St Barths Specialised cocktail

50 ml Mirari Pink Damask Rose Gin
25 mls Grapefruit & Peppercorn Cordial
25 mls Lemon Juice
25 mls Grapefruit Juice
Dash of Bitters

The Erupting Volcanic Effect as seen on the images attached below is made by dry ice with a lavender and rose oil blend to get the vapour.

This cocktail was created at AFI Fashion Week for Sarah Langa who was their Mirari brand partner for the AFI Fashion Week event.

Find out more about Mirari Gin here…

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