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Television, Radio and Media Personality, Clive Maistry, has done extensive work in the Entertainment Industry, ranging from Television and Radio Presenting, Voice-Over Artistry, Directing, Modeling and Acting.  

You would have heard him on the national broadcaster 5FM – on the weekend breakfast show with entertainment veterans Elana Afrika and Mark Gillman. He’s also hosted an entertainment-based show with the Award Winning UJFM 95.4FM.

As an on-screen presenter, you would have seen him on SuperSport Blitz (Channel 201 on DSTV) and Tellytrack (Channel 239 on DSTV) where he brings “The Racing Roundup with Clive Maistry”.

We chatted to Clive about his love of his home and why he loves his neighbourhood so much.

How would you describe your home?

Being a “man on the go” – I enjoy the minimalistic feel for my home, not too cluttered, yet very distinct with different pieces of furniture and decor that I have collected over the years. I enjoy the ” square” feel with sharp solid lines and edges, in contrast to rounded finishes. I think it best describes my character too – I like things to the point with no room for uncertainty – if that makes sense 🙂

Who do you live with and what makes them the best ‘roommates’?

I used to have a ‘roommate”, Bela, my 9-year-old Pekingese, who now lives with my mom. I moved from a ground floor apartment to a 5th-floor suite, which unfortunately isn’t very conducive for pets. Regarding roommates though, I prefer living on my own. I would say am a creature of comfort, habit, and territory and love my own space. I think also, given the industry I am in, I am often surrounded by people – and when I am in “my castle” aka home, I really enjoy the solitude and sanctuary of it.

Which is your favourite room in your house and why?

That’s a tough one – As it’s almost a tie for the kitchen and my bedroom.

The Kitchen. because, well, it’s where I spend a great deal “masterfully” meal prepping my diets as well as whipping up some amazing dishes for my second business, The Hot Chef SA – Not to mention where two of my hearts closest treasures, my Nespresso Machine and Nutribullet, reside Haha!

The Bedroom, well, that’s where I close my door to the outside world and find my peace.

I have found a few amazing audio meditation tracks on iTunes, which I make time for every day. Also, it’s where I fully encapsulate the definition of Netflix and Chill.

Who did you entrust to decorate your home?

I generally like my own flair for the creative, so I would say, if a piece of furniture or any decor for that matter, catches my eye, and especially if it’s something I am really looking for – then I’d get it. I’m not one for an over cluttered space so I still live by “less is more”.

What is the most expensive item you bought for your house?

That would be my couch! It’s this really large black L-Shape leather creation, that I could possibly live on, if I didn’t have to adult that is LOL!

It’s where I get my reading done and can spend an entire Sunday chilling on with a good book or my laptop.

What is the most cherished item in your house?

The most cherished item in my house would be my couch still! All of the above same reasons! I love it to bits!

I’ve actually had it for 7 years now – Best Purchase to Date!

What makes your neighbourhood one that you love?

What makes it so incredible to live in – is that it’s always so well manicured, it’s green (most of the year round), I love the restaurants, cocktail bars, sushi joints, and people. Everything I could possibly need is there, including two gyms!! It could give one cabin-fever, you could say.

How would you describe the decor style in your home?

I would describe my taste as “a modern take on Mediterranean style with a mix of old and new” – where every piece has a story to tell!

It’s clean-cut with dark to natural colour tones that give me an earthy, comfortable feel.

How did you make YOUR house, YOUR home?

I think by surrounding myself with things I love and make me feel a sense of comfort, nostalgia and brings me great inner-peace, is what makes my house a home.

One thing that’s always my go-to at any given time when I am home, is burning scented candles! It just provides me with such a great atmosphere and a true sense of calm!

Clive also featured on the presenter line-up on The Tech Report (channel 409 on eNCA) 2015 also saw the release of the feature film “Captured” which Clive played one of the 6 lead characters. He had also made guest appearances on Egoli-Place Of Gold as an intern doctor…

Most recently SABC 3’s Lifestyle and Entertainment show ‘Mela’ welcomed Clive as their newest presenter and he is also the male promo voice Of Zee World on DSTV.

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