People of Jozi – David Gillson, Hair stylist to the Stars

David has been making celebs, and some of us ordinary folk too, look glam for ages and has become a bit of a legend in the hair styling industry.

Based predominantly at Carlton Hair in Hyde Park, David also travels to Cape Town once a month to see his clients there, as well as undertaking at least 4 international trips a year where he spends time at the international hair exhibitions and events learning the best in international techniques and trends to bring back home to the salon and his clients.

David styles the likes of Tamara Dey and many others, so if course we had to find out all the best insider tips…

Can you share your fave winter haircare tip with us right now?

Use an oil everyday such as Davines Oil – hair gets really dry in the harsh Joburg Winters and using oil can help to combat some of that frizz, and damage that can result from winter in Joburg.

What is the one product that you recommend to all your clients?

A leave in conditioner, heat protector and reconstructor such as the amazing new Davines Liquid Spell which does it all and adds body to the hair is certainly my key go to product!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to make a drastic hair style or colour change?

I would have to say, do your research extensively and bring in loads of images to the hairdresser, yet you do still need to be open to the hairdressers input. Be realistic about whether the look is suitable to your face shape, hair type, condition of hair and budget.

Be aware of the current hair trends yet not a slave to them. Some things do not work on certain hair types, it just is that way. Think of ‘The Rachel’ hair cut – you need thick hair for that, so many people tried and dismally failed. Listen to your hairdresser, they know what will work, or not.

Favourite place/country you have ever travelled to – and why?

I love London every time. The street style always inspires me and London has a coolness to it that no other city can beat. Florence in Italy is my dream getaway – it’s always so easy, and so stylish with the very best food.

What song do you have on repeat in the car/on your I-pod right now? Why does it resonate with you so much?

Kanye West Violent Crimes, I think this may just be me trying to connect to today’s youth culture * Laughs

If you could have dinner with one person (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

Alexander McQueen fo sure! He was a true genius who died much to young. I’d like to find out how the worlds most talent designer thought and was inspired yet why he was so troubled and vulnerable.

Favourite South Africa food, and why?

There is nothing like a braai, I have to say. As much as I love travelling and after all international food trends that I have enjoyed, the simplicity of a braai is so authentic. Also sharing with friends and family is something very special.

David is instantly recognisable with his trademark glasses and you will find him buzzing around Carlton like a very busy bee – the man is popular!

Make sure to book well in advance with Carlton Hair, Hyde Park. (PS – Tell David that Sandton Magazine sent you…)

T: 011 325 4916


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