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Michelle D is a 34 year old TV Personality, Model, “Boss Babe” as she likes to call herself, and all-round coffee lover!
This dynamic lady, is set to shine as she tackles her latest career challenge – reality TV.

She is also a successful businesswoman and runs her own company, Macaroon Collection – and if you thought that maybe she looked familiar, you will have seen her on the first ever South African season of The Bachelor which is currently on air mon MNet!

Michelle also has a passion for education as well as the upliftment and mentorship of women in business.

Michelle, you have been presenting on TV since you were very young – take us through all that, and when did you realise that it was your passion?

The TV presenting as a child came without plan … it just kind of happened …. But it was during those times of running around back stage (before it was called the SABC I think it was CCV), the wardrobe room, the makeup, the cameras, production room. I was just always in my element. Life happened and I had to focus on school and not TV work. But my passion lead me to always being on stage for a variety of things. Eventually in 2012 and 2013, the opportunity to present came my way again and I grabbed it with BOTH hands.

They say your nick name is ‘Boss Babe’ – why is that?

Insert giggle …. I think there are two elements to that nick name. Firstly, and most obviously … I have owned my own businesses since I was 21. First my wedding planning business and now Macaroon Collection. Secondly – I think it is because no matter what I do I “own It” and isn’t that the core of being a “Boss Babe”.

You are on The Batchelor SA right now – what was that like for you?

Honestly I had the time of my life. Everything about the experience was not only fantastic but life changing. There were some tough days but overall there were more amazing ones.

What was one of the biggest challenges for you, of appearing on a series such as this?

Knowing you are going into a house with a group of ladies who you don’t know at all can be a daunting idea. So that was something that I feared a bit – but the biggest challenge by far was allowing yourself to open up and expose your true and raw feelings not only to everyone on the show but also (now a few months later) to everyone watching the show. It is never easy making yourself vulnerable – but when it comes to find love you have to …. We just did it all on national television.

You have your very own business called Macaroon Collection that sells stunning handbags – share a bit more about that with us, and also what sets you apart from other handbag retailers?

So Macaroon Collection is “More than just a Store”. We are all about finding that singular item which is an indulgent expression of a person’s personality. I take so much joy out of my job every day when I lady finds a bag or a pair of shoes that just lights up her day / week / year….

I think what sets Macaroon Collection apart is that we strive to support our local entrepreneurs and designers by stocking locally produced ranges that are not only amazing quality but also seek to make a statement. We are especially proud to be the store of choice for many ladies when buying leather bags.

You have a big passion for educating and inspiring other women in the business field – share more with us?

I have a passion for women in business. Women entrepreneurs are the key to economic development … by fostering women in business we not only empower them but allow them to make a valuable contribution to their micro-economy as well. BUT, it is not easy as a women in business.

It took me a long time to get over the idea in my mind that people perceived me as a girl “Playing shop” and accept myself as a serious women in business. And with that change of mind-set comes a change in the way I wanted to give back to other women. I am by no measure a feminist – I just believe that we need to invest in our women – and that starts at ground level with a good education.

Bucket list travel destination and why?

Have to, have to, have to hike the great wall of china – but NYC is also up there on the list.

Item of clothing that you are obsessed with right now – and why?

Totally obsessed with my leather jackets … started with one now I have a few. Just love the look / dynamic it brings to an outfit. It is classic yes chic … smart yet not too much. Just love it

Fast Fun Facts with Michelle D…

What is your favourite cheat meal or snack? – have a break … have a KIT-KAT!
My shoe size is a … Size 5
My secret talent is… I can eat and entire large pizza and still have place for dessert J
If I were to be an animal I would be a… …. An Elephant
Fave book of all time… Two lipsticks and a Lover
Song from my youth that I can’t help but bust a move to is… – Summer of 69

Find out more about Michelle and Macaroon Collection right here…

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