People of Jozi – Nicole Bessick

Nicole, did you always want to be an actress? Take us through how that all came about?

I like to joke that I got my ‘big break’ when I played “Mary” at the age of 3, in our pre-school nativity play. The truth is, I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in entertainment. I believe everyone should be pursuing a career that makes them look forward to Monday as opposed to Friday, and for me, what I do, does just that.

What has been the most challenging character you have ever had to play, and why that was.

Chantal Venkse in the crime-thriller Cold Harbour that played at the Cannes, Berlin and LA Film Festivals. She watched her father’s murdered. It was hands down one of the toughest scenes I’ve had to tackle.

You are also a celebrity boxer, right? How did that come about, exactly?

My love for fight art came about through stunt training. I incorporate boxing, Krav Maga and firearm handling into my training regiments not only to stay fit, but to make sure that I can do my own stunts. When I got to a certain level in my fighting, I took it up competitively.

How do you train and keep in shape, as we are sure professional boxers training must be gruelling?

It’s a lot of hard work. I’m in the gym twice a day to keep my physique and fighting ability on point. The first session with my aesthetics coach, Stef Essie, and the second with my boxing coach Quade Allen and the team over at Apex.

You were named as one of the Marie Claire Future Shapers, what does that entail?

Each year, Marie Claire honours 10 women who are challenging the status quo and smashing glass ceilings in their respective work spaces. I got a nod from the publication for my work in the “female presence in the anti-bullying space” and “female coloured representation in television” – it goes down as one of the most humbling experiences to date..

Fast Fun Facts…

My shoe size is… 6
My favourite food is… Anything Asian!
One thing that most people don’t know about me… I went to law school, and wrote my Honours dissertation on the state of intellectual property in the South African media space.
My favourite movie is… White Chicks
Favourite of clothing right now… Nothing beats a great time piece! Really feeling Daniel Wellington at the moment.
Biggest role model… Winnie Madikizela-Mandela – it doesn’t get any more powerful than that!

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