Sports Presenter Romy Titus Dishes On Life As A Working Mom

Being a mom is one of the greatest gift’s anyone can receive… just ask, TV and Radio Personality Romy Titus.

Romy Titus dishes on life as a working mom
Romy Titus dishes on life as a working mom

We chatted to the SABC Sport presenter to discuss how she juggles life as a working mom and how she makes time for her three month old daughter, Hera Sarai Titus:

How do you juggle your career and motherhood?

There’s never a balance. I always think at one stage personal or work would demand attention and so the scale tips – but it’s a worth a try. The juggle is about careful time management to ensure that I deliver at work but also spend enough time with baby. Some days are a complete mess, I’ll admit, but every day I try, try and try harder.

What are you currently working on, career wise?

There are 3 new projects I’m chiseling away at. Exciting prospects beyond the borders of SA’s TV screens – but all is a big secret for now!

Romy's daughter was born on 25 March 2017
Romy’s daughter was born on 25 March 2017

With the change in your sleep pattern, how do you manage to ensure you get enough rest?

When I put baby to bed at about 7pm I ensure that I go to bed no later than an hour later. So I’m back to my primary school curfew of 8pm, ensuring that my sleep pattern mirrors hers. I’ll get at least 5 hours uninterrupted sleep until she wakes for her feed at midnight and then again at 3am and 6am. Sometimes it works like a dream – other days are a miss! But this is how I’ve adjusted my routine to ensure I get enough rest.

What business skill do you hope to pass on to your daughter one day?

There is so much I would like her to possess… It has to be independence and that dreams do come true! Hard work never hurt anyone. I hope she’ll grow up to be considerate of others too…

Romy spends her spare time with her daughter
Romy spends her spare time with her daughter

Would you encourage Hera to follow in your footsteps and join the same industry?

I tell her all the time that the world is her oyster and that she can become whoever and whatever she wants and I’ll work hard so that a solid education is her foundation… We have endless conversations of what problems she wants to address in this world and at the end of it – I hit the disclaimer button and politely ask her not to follow in my footsteps … If Journalism is her passion and calling I will not stand in her way – but honestly I hope she will venture down another path!

Romy's daughter, Hera Sarai Titus is just three months old
Romy’s daughter, Hera Sarai Titus is just three months old

What is the biggest challenge about being a working mom?

Time is the biggest challenge for me. I need a 48 hour day!

What is the biggest advantage of being a working mom?

I dedicate the hours away from work to my daughter. As a working mum the fruits of my labour is for her well-being and future. In South Africa the employment rate is low so to have a job, to love what I do, is a blessing too.

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