QMS Medicosmetics has revamped their soluble collagen creams that will leave the skin feeling softer and looking younger. Their soluble collagen cream is completely pure and natural, obtained by a very advanced technical procedure that guarantees it retains its inherent properties. The difference between this collagen and that of other brands is that QMS’s collagen can stay active and effective up to 37’C, while others have a short-term hydrating period. So despite environmental factors, QMS’s collagen retains moisture, protecting and nourishing the skin. The QMS Medicosmetics Day Collagen and Night Collagen contain a synergetic complex of native soluble collagen and hyaluronic acid with very high molecular weights. This compound has a high water-binding capacity, meaning it penetrates quickly, significantly smoothing the skin and improving elasticity. The depth effect achieved by the QMS Medicosmetics skincare system regulates and gradually reduces the moisture loss in the skin. This process allows the skin’s…