After years of meticulous research and development, Biosculpture has finally launched their EVO 80Base & Build a groundbreaking product that will be sure to take over the nail care industry. Biosculpture EVO 80Base & Build is an innovative nail care product that took about 10 years to perfect, and is set to revolutionise the world of nail care and transform the way we think about gel nail treatments. So, what sets EVO 80Base apart from other nail products on the market? The secret lies in its unique keratin-like formulation, which seamlessly links the gel with the keratin in your natural nails. This incredible Keratin Link not only creates an exceptional bond but also provides a supportive structure that is unparalleled in the industry. The result? A gel that boasts quick and effortless soak-off release, saving you time and effort while promoting the health of your natural nails. The superior performance…