Marble fans can rejoice, because the guys behind the super-trendy, popular restaurant are opening a new high-end butchery this July. The Butchery by Marble will launch below Marble at Trumpet on Keyes on the Rosebank Art Mile, which has become a foodie hub for locals. Renowned Chef David Higgs together with his business partner and restaurateur, Gary Kyriacou drew their inspiration from Victor Churchill in Sydney, which is a family run butchery that offers the most sought after produce in Australia. The butchery has always been part of our planning for Marble, and will feature some really special cuts – both dry-aged and wet-aged,” explains Chef David Higgs adding, Victor Churchill in Sydney is essentially the jewellery shop of butchers. And that’s not all. The Butchery won’t just sell meat. Irene Kyriacou, interior designer for Marble and the new space, is creating a retail section, which will sell beautiful hand-made plates, glasses and table…