candice phillips


We love fine dining and the latest offering at one of our favourite Sandton hotels has to be top of our eating out list right now. Grei is headed up by Chef Candice Philip and, as the name implies, is a 32 seater restaurant centred around a palate of grey tones, featuring a vivid burst of colour. Says Chef Candice “Essentially, grey is colour without colour,” she explains. “This has been a huge inspiration in developing the look and feel of the space, and menu.” The muted tones will create a calm, sophisticated atmosphere for the colour of the dishes to stand out. Having been with the Saxon for over a decade, Chef Candice shares with us that the name Grei loosely translates from Portuguese as “a society of people” and artfully blends together her love of unusual pairings, her passion for herbaceous flavours and her signature style of intricately-plated dishes.…