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Features, Lifestyle / 18.01.2019

The official launch of the first South African O Bag store caused quite the stir this past November, as these much-coveted designer handbags are being sported by international (and a few local) celebs and are the customisable handbag that every woman should have at least one of, in her collection. O Bag is an Italian handbag and shoulder bag collection that allows its owners to ‘create their own bag’ if you will. The bags are simple, yet beautiful and stylish, as well as being practical. Select your bag shape, your...

Food & Drink / 10.12.2018

The latest offering from Motherland Coffee is located in the heart of Benmore, in the bustling Benmore Centre, which itself has just seen a major revamp and is one of our go to malls for just about everything these days. Located in the light-filled centre atrium area, this is a super spot to come and grab a coffee to go, or to meet a friend for a light lunch. We also love that they fully embrace Fair Trade which pushes for greater equity in trade and looks after coffee producers...