Chaine d’ancre


Hermès have just released their new Cape Cod time piece, and although this particular style has been around for a number of years, with some additions and adaptions over time, the new look tosses its own aesthetic codes overboard by reinterpreting the anchor-chain link. The new Cape Cod is a strong new link harbouring a daring style and taking femininity on board in a subtly mischievous manner. On this large steel model, the “anchor chain” motif imagined by Robert Dumas in 1938 diverts watchmaking traditions by charting a course with creativity as its compass. The Cape Cod watch became a ‘square in a rectangle’ in the bold design sketched by Henri d’Origny in 1991. Original and playful, rigorous and graphic, this stylish figurehead glides smoothly through the waves of time with the ease of an ageless icon. In 1998, it adopted the double tour strap, which proved an immediate success.…