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Features, Food & Drink / 23.11.2018

One of South Africa's favourite and super easy drinking wines, Durbanville Hills, have just launched their premium collection of wines, the Collectors Reserve - which is totally inspired by the energy and stunning scenery of Cape Town. What's not to love? This new range is created from only the best grapes from Cape Town’s best vineyards, and like it's name, has been designed as a collector’s item for both wine and art lovers alike. This is something unlike anything you have ever seen, or tasted, before. “To complement each of...

Food & Drink, Travel / 25.09.2018

If you are heading down to the Cape soon, and are going to be in the Durbanville area, then may we suggest a stop in at the beautiful Meerendal Estate. You can taste some vino of course, but there is loads more on offer and Meerendal boasts biking and running trails, paragliding (when the weather's just right!), and its family friendly weekend vibe. There are two restaurants on the estate, The Crown Restaurant and Carlucci's - the latter is the one that fills up fast so that come lunchtime,...