fitch leedes


New Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer, the intrepid mixer with a sense of adventure, is taking the enjoyment of fine spirits to the next level. The first South African ginger beer made specifically as a mixer, Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer is a perfect fit for fine rum and whisky. This premium ginger beer brings out the sweet undertones in the spirit while allowing the pleasant spiciness of the ginger beer to shine through. Priding itself as the understudy to greatness, Fitch & Leedes understands the time and effort put into perfecting premium spirits. Lower in sugar in comparison to most other ginger beers, Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer is finely balanced to ensure the best taste representation of what was intended by the master distiller. Made for the utmost purity in terms of quality and taste, Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer amplifies the hard work…