fuel food


Fuel Food in Hyde Park Shopping Centre just launched their new catering division with meal plans and we can’t wait to place our first order. As of right now, they offer gourmet meals and catering options for private and corporate clients as well as customised meal plans. Their meal plans are catered to focus on healthy, sustainable living and includes dishes that are tasty, full of flavour and nutritious. Plus, they also do detox programmes, snack packs, smoothies and sugar-free desserts all made to order, so it’s super convenient. You can choose from the following options: 1 week starter pack – includes 5 meals at R525.00/per month 20 Gourmet main meals at R1900.00/per month 20 gourmet light meals at R1700.00/per month Personalised meal plan subject to quotation. We were lucky enough to taste a small selection of their meal plan at their launch recently, which included a variety of foods like pesto…