Fashion house Jigsaw have teamed up with British artist, Marcus James to bring you their latest womenswear collection – and it’s a work of art. From dresses to jumpsuits, their Spring/Summer 2017 features a collection of prints and contemporary cuts across beautiful silks as Jigsaw reveal their inspiration came from two mathematical concepts: order and chaos. Order is a story of balance and beauty, floral hand drawings manipulated by screen printing inspired by chaos theory’s butterfly effect. The chaos print captures energy through continuous unbalanced lines, hand-drawn with charcoal, giving James’s trademark style – which is why the collaboration was a natural fit. “The main thing is that it was visually striking and we had a visual language that would translate well on to the garments. We knew the texture of the charcoal and the fluidity of the lines would work really well,” reveals Marcus James. The butterfly prints have been…