jin gin


There literally is nothing that Mi Casa’s front man – J’Something cannot do it seems, and 2018 has been a good year for him. From juggling his acclaimed musical career and being a judge on My Kitchen Rules South Africa to hosting a few cooking shows such as What’s for Dinner and Something’s Cooking (he’s just brought out a book of the same name). To top it off, he has opened his own restaurant, Something’s Cooking by J and has now – wait for it – launched a range of gins too. Jin Gin (because it’s so good you should say it twice and also it has be a J’Something – geddit – in the name, this range offers 3 tasty variants – include Rooibos, Orange and Honey, Tomato and Sweet Piquant Peppers and Honey and Olives. For Jin Gin, J’Something teamed up with local craft gin experts, Craft Link…