Say goodbye to dry skin forever, because there’s a new body scrub brand in town called Kahve Skin and we are totally obsessed! Kahve (Turkish for coffee) was created by two Capetonian guys who have a love for sport, travel and women. It was because of this love that the boys decided to embark on a journey into the cosmetics industry, and have now launched summer’s sexiest new body scrub that comes in two flavours. Coconut Matcha Infused with Japanese Matcha and virgin coconut oil, Kahve will not only moisturise and nourish dehydrated skin, but it will also enhance sun-kissed skin and prolong your tan all summer long. Combined with a blend of natural antioxidants and essential oils and exfoliators, the coconut matcha will rejuvenate dry and tired skin.  Coffee Cinnamon  This scrub is favourable for those looking to detox and stimulate drainage. Infused with high quantities of caffeine, found…