marabi club


Welcome to The Marabi Club where superb food and drink blend together with the best in live jazz performances. Inspired by the penny-whistle Marabi clubs of the 1920’s which were formed in the wake of one of the world’s richest gold rushes, in Johannesburg. It was a lifestyle prompted by the need to escape the hardships of the working week and was defined by illegal shebeens, where fierce talk of politics was accompanied by the equally disruptive soundtrack of jazz. Today The Marabi Club is tucked into the basement of Hallmark House in Maboneng, under a hotel and is characterised literally by a hole in the wall, through which one steps in to a world of magic. Marabi is only open Wednesday to Saturday evenings until the early morning, and the experience is like nothing you have ever seen or experienced before. Order an incredibly potent ‘Skillachi” house cocktail and…