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Food & Drink / 13.07.2018

One of our favourite Italian restaurants has to be Jamie's Italian located in Melrose Arch, we love the double volume dining area, and the mix of wooden tables and tiled walkways, and the fact that the kitchen is fully open, allowing the public a chance to catch a glimpse in to the buzz of the kitchen - which it certainly does do when it is busy! Jamies has been serving up yummy Italian nosh for a few years now, and have just issued a few changes to their highly...

Food & Drink, Home / 11.06.2017

There's a new sushi restaurant in town called Sushi Burrito & Co. in Melrose Arch and is, judging by its growing popularity, here to stay! [caption width="1067" id="attachment_785" align="aligncenter"] Sushi Burrito & Co. is situated in the heart of Melrose Arch[/caption]Sushi Burrito & Co. is a new and exciting concept for sushi lovers, and a first of its kind in South Africa. Mixing Asian and Latin flavours together, they serve flavourful sandwich-sized sushi that can either be ordered wrapped in Nori seaweed or rice paper and rolled in their...