Joburg is so steeped in history, many of it’s oldest suburbs date back over a hundred years and exploring these suburbs and areas, along with their old buildings and memories is one of our favourite things to do. Join us for a walk down memory lane… Melville Melville was established in 1896 (only ten years after Johannesburg itself) and was for most of its history a predominantly Afrikaans lower middle-class suburb, which is much different from the last few decades where it has evolved into a bohemian enclave which is home to many artists and famous South African entertainment personalities.  The basis for the street in the popular soapie “7de Laan”, 7th Street, Melville’s cultural and business hub is always alive with activity. Chris Hajec, Seeff’s MD for Randburg, and a resident of Melville himself says the suburb has a particular attraction to the fiercely loyal residents who look out for…