Many Seeff licensees in Gauteng are currently reporting vacant rental homes and units – and the main reason for this is that landlords are unrealistic in their price expectations. Gauteng licensees in most of the major metros agree that the rental market in this province is extremely competitive and if a rental property is not priced correctly, it will in all likelihood remain vacant. Charles Vining, Seeff’s MD in Sandton, says in this affluent area agents are increasingly experiencing greater negotiation on price (about a 10% reduction) when finalising a lease. Lower rentals priced at below R12 000 per month is not negotiated much, but higher value rentals are significantly negotiated. “Economic pressure is the overwhelming factor and tenants are budgeting carefully, saving 10% per month can make a big difference at the end of a 12-month period.” “Rentals between R7 000 and R12 000 per month are in high demand in Sandton and…