The holiday season can take a toll on your skin. From the tanning and swimming, to the non-stop eating and late-night partying, our skins can do a little freaking out! And since we’ve all spent time and money getting our skin summer ready, we think it’s just as important to care for your skin during the holiday period too. Hayley Kirton, Senior Skincare Therapist from Lightsculpt Clinic in Rosebank lists some tips on how to keep your skin looking it’s best during the holiday season: Keep your skin clean and moisturised: Never use soap on your face. Invest in a gentle pH balanced cleanser. Before going to bed, always cleanse your skin and remove all traces of make up, oil and sun block. During the hot summer months make sure to use a very hydrating, oil free moisturiser. For convenience you can use a moisturiser with an SPF during the…