Honda South Africa have launched their newest Honda Civic Type R and is leading the pack as the most powerful of front wheel drive cars, currently. Where do I start with the new Honda Civic Type-R? It is truly the marmite car of today. I agree, it’s not a car for everybody but it is one of the most brutal and most involved driving cars you can own today. The new Type-R has a 2.0 litre turbo VTEC engine pushing out 228kw and 400nm. Not the most power I know, but all that power is put through the front wheels only, making it the most powerful production front wheel drive cars right now. Plus, it is only driven through a manual gearbox. Some driving enthusiasts love the fact that it only comes in a manual yet the majority shunned the Type-R for having 3 pedals. The Type-R is as hard-core…