Vegetarian and vegan lovers will be pleased to know there are now more vegetarian options to choose from in Joburg. We round up a list of our favourite veggie and vegan spots in the city: Free Food Always prepared with natural ingredients, Free Food in Melrose offers wholesome meals that are gluten-free, wheat-free, sugar-free and vegan. They do delicious breakfasts like millet porridge, flapjacks made from quinoa and rice flour and a tofu omelette. Lunch dishes include a variety of wraps, burgers and salads as well as hearty curries and stir-fries. As for dessert? Choose between their healthy version of a milk tart, apple crumble or vegan chocolate ice cream. www.freefood.co.za The Greenside Café Trading since 2012, The Greenside Café in Greenside is vegan cuisine at its best, even the non-vegans and vegetarians will find something to love about this buzzing café. Think bacon and cheeseburgers with tofu bacon, homemade…