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Move over Skinny Tea, there’s a new weight loss drink in town causing a stir. We investigate the new SKINNY Green Coffee and why it’s proving to be so popular. SKINNY Green Coffee is a natural weight loss product that not only helps your body burn those unwanted calories, but also improves energy levels. With no added fats or sugars, the green coffee includes the following natural ingredients that help your body break down fat: unroasted Green Coffee beans (Coffea Canephora), Evodiamine, Yerba Mate and Raspberry Ketones. Each carton of SKINNY Green Coffee contains 14 sachets. How Does It Work? SKINNY’s special recipe assists in the thermogenesis of the body –meaning the body temperature changes. This forces the body to burn more calories as it brings the temperature back to normal, therefore increasing your metabolism and assisting with fat burning, while also boosting energy levels. On top of weight control,…