Sandton Magazine | The Grande Matriarch MCC 2015 from Nitida is a winner
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The Grande Matriarch MCC 2015 from Nitida is a winner

It’s been three years in the making, but it has certainly been worth the wait for Nitida’s 100% Pinot Noir bubbly – The Grande Matriarch MCC 2015!

Amber in colour, this refreshing and clean bubbly is one of our must haves for the festive season ahead.

“After three years of hard work, we are finally releasing our very first 100% Pinot Noir bubbles, The Grande Matriarch. During the final stages of getting this wine ready, we realised that everyone’s expectations of a blush bubbly are very different and upon further investigation we also noted that the other 100% Pinot Noir bubblies on the shelves are also not what we had envisioned.” says Nitida winemaker, Daniel Keulder.

“This gave us a clean canvas to make a serious style Method Cap Classique that ticked all the boxes of what we expect of a blush bubbly – a truly unique Nitida wine.”

Adds Nitida owner Bernhard Veller: “We couldn’t be prouder of this superlative MCC and, by way of coincidence, we released it last Friday on International Champagne Day, a fitting day for such a great bubbly.”

The tasting notes for The Grande Matriarch MCC describe it as exuberant, pretty and generous. Delightful fine effervescence accentuates ripe raspberry and cherry within rosewater.
Add to that a slight hint of marmalade which culminates in a memorable tautness. Perfect for that romantic evening, just add significant other and smoked salmon. Yummy!

The Grande Matriarch MCC 2015 retails for R 225 and is available to order online here…

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