Travelling The World With Francois Louw

He describes himself as a relaxed traveller and has visited countries like Dubai, Greece and Hong Kong. So if there ever is a person to be jealous of, it’s Francois Louw.

The beauty and image specialist was kind enough to give us the low-down on all things travel, after a recent trip to Greece. Here’s what Francois Louw had to say:

Francois Louw in Santorini, Greece
Do you prefer local or international travels?
With my career I have the opportunity to travel all the time especially all around SA, but if I have to choose where to go for a holiday, it would definitely be abroad.
Which city in the world do you always love going back to, and why?
I have been to Milan, Italy quite a few times, and it is just the most amazing city. The food is delicious, the shopping is mind blowing and it has a lot of history. You almost feel as though you’re travelling back in time.
Which destination or city has surprised you the most?
I must say it’s Dubai. I was there a year ago and 10 years before that. The transformation from my first visit to my most recent was absolutely astounding. It is now the most unbelievable city to visit.
Francois has jetted all over the world
Where in the world did you enjoy your favourite meal and what did you eat?
I took my sister with me to Hong Kong on a business trip and we dined at Skye Rooftop Bar and Restaurant. It is a French Western-inspired restaurant with an amazing view of the Victoria Harbour. I ate the best rack of lamb I’ve ever had.
Which hotel would you say is the best place you’ve ever stayed at?
I would say It was definitely the Ambassador Hotel in Santorini Greece. Every room has its own swimming pool and it has a 180 degree view of the ocean. The sunsets was so special and so romantic!
Francois relaxes on a beautiful island in Mozambique
What has been your most memorable holiday to date and why?
It was Rio de Janeiro. Not only is it beautiful but the sightseeing is to die for, the food is tasty, the drinks are strong, and the parties are memorable. It definitely is an all-in-one destination.
Which destination do you wish to visit next?
 I want to see the whole of Italy. I love this country and want to spend more time there.
What are your tips for dealing with jet lag?
– Shower before you fly
– Change into something comfortable like your pj’s on the plane.
– Wash you face before you sleep and wash it when you wake up.
– Moisturize as much as possible.
– Wear compression socks.
– Drink a lot of water – this is a must.
Francois embarks in a bit of retail therapy abroad
What are your top three money-saving tips for travelling?
1. Always take your own alcohol and nibbles to enjoy in your hotel room. This will help a lot!
2. Look on Trip Advisor which are the best restaurants to visit. It gives you an indication of cost.
3. Rather hire your own car, scooter or quad bike to do sightseeing. This will save on taxi costs.
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