Volpes are bringing back the quilt…

Yup, you got it – granny quilts are making a come back and to be honest, we are quite thrilled by this news. Not that we are grannified by any means – but thinking of winter all cosy under a quilt on the couch watching series sounds just heavenly!

Quilting is an age old craft and tradition and dates back many centuries when this art form was a main way for our ancestors to keep warm during the harsh Jozi winters, and before home insulation was a thing…

Over the years quilts have transformed from a means to an end, to now being fully recognised as a highly sought after bedroom décor item to add colour, pattern and personality.

From plain to patchwork or eye-catching designs that cross the traditional to modern decorating tastes – there is something for everyone and the team at Volpes Linen are ready to help you find just the right quilt for your home and personal style.

They suggest firstly that you should identify your decorating style – for example are you a shabby chic fan – or do you prefer a more vintage look? Is your home quite modern or is it more retro?

Traditional patchwork quilts will work best with rustic and shabby chic décor, while a quilt with bright colours and interesting patterns works well with an eclectic or modern home.

Make the quilt the centre piece of the room and work around it – adding in other items of bedding and furniture to compliment the hero piece.

If you feel like you are ready to make a bold statement, you can match your linens, curtains and accessories with the brightest colours from the quilt. For a more paired down harmonious feel, choose the lightest or more neutral colours on your quilt to co- ordinate with.

They also emphasis that accessories are key – so be it antique lamps, artwork, pottery or a four-poster bed to bring the cottagey feel together, or if its the more contemporary glass and metal items in the room that work well with the monochromatic décor items.

The most important part is of course to make it unique and ultimately ‘yours’. The team at Volpes are always ready to help and offer some assistance. We visit the store at Bryanston (right next door to Nicolway) but they also have a great store in The Mall of Africa, too.

Find out more about quilts and Volpes Linen online here…

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