WAXIT Queen Dishes On Life As A Business Woman

Michelle Royston, is a true entrepreneur at heart. With over 10 years experience in the beauty industry, it’s no doubt Michelle’s company, WAXIT, is a force to be reckoned with.

WAXIT salons can be found in and around Gauteng
WAXIT salons can be found in and around Gauteng

She has launched four successful branches in Gauteng and mastered the art of waxing. We chatted with Michelle Royston to find out how she’s managed to build her brand:

How did the concept of WAXIT come about?

As a client of the waxing industry for over 15 years, I found I was constantly searching for the perfect place that offered quick, affordable waxes without having to wait over a week for an appointment. Many times I ended up having a wax by someone I don’t know, in some dodgy cubicle and walked away with a bit less skin than when I arrived. I tolerated this because they could squeeze me in and because I am not the type of person that plans beauty treatments weeks in advance. So, I decided to fix this problem, and thus launched WAXIT! South Africa’s New Wax Bar dedicated entirely to waxing services for both women and men.

What makes the beauty/grooming industry one you enjoy?

I get to work with amazing young women who inspire me every day and I get to meet a variety of different clients from all walks of life.

What are some of the challenges faced within the industry?

When you are small you are not taken seriously. Finding space in the right centre’s is difficult as the beauty quota per centre is small. Big brands are considered first, leaving very little room for a specialist like me!

WAXIT cubicles are fully equipped with top quality products
WAXIT cubicles are fully equipped with top quality products

What important lesson have you learnt since opening WAXIT?

Be careful who you trust; I have burnt my fingers a few times with this one!

How do you choose the locations for your branches?

I like to be in community centre’s, where there is ease of parking, a Woolies, Clicks or PnP as well as other beauty salons such as hairdressers, nail bars etc. Waxing is like a chore that people do when they go shopping or need to run errands.

How would you describe yourself as a boss within the workspace?

I would say I am very hands on. I love being in-store and working with the girls. I like to hear what clients are saying. I am very good with people and my passion is to develop young women into great leaders

What type of training would one need to be a waxing technician?

I believe we can teach anyone to wax, we have an amazing team of experts that train all new starters how to wax. Currently all my WAXITologists are qualified beauty therapists. In saying that, they still need to go through extensive training before they are allowed to do treatments. My goal is to open a training school.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to open up their own company in the beauty/grooming industry?

You must be patient and love working with people. The rest is easy – if you don’t have the right people with values that match your own, you will not succeed.

What is your definition of success?

My success has always been measured by the amount of people I have managed to grow into leaders and how I can help them better their lives. For me, it’s about building a business that will enable me to have a balanced life. I would like to empower people to be younger versions of me, thus ensuring the brand will always have longevity and allow me to step away and focus on the things I love.

WAXIT is fast becoming the go-to place for waxing
WAXIT is fast becoming the go-to place for waxing

What can we expect from the WAXIT brand this year?

Growth into new areas, new and exciting products that are going to launch in winter. Internal team growth and development and hopefully our training centre will be up and running this year.

Visit www.waxit.co.za for more information or to book an appointment!

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